09 February 2009

Merchant Bankers

*CAUTION: STRONG VERY RANTY PERSONAL OPINION COMING UP - may not in fact make any grammatical sense whatsoever because I'm tired, financially f**cked again and upset.

I bank with a bank based in the North of England. Somewhere in West Yorkshire in fact. Not far from Leeds. Begins with a H... Uses an annoying man with glasses singing crap covers for their advertising campaigns. Recently got bailed out by another large high street bank... Get my gist?

I use their online banking system. A system which has recently shown my accounts to be all fine and in the black, yet I have been charged £35 for a failed payment for something. Now I'm no genius but I consider myself reasonably intelligent. If I've tried to make a payment for £23 and my bank balance is showing as above that, then why the f**k have you charged me £35?!

Despite them arguing that it's not an administrative error I'm still bloody puzzled. I tried arguing my case, they argued back.

Problem being, the payment has bounced (for which I will be charged seperately), the bank will charge me £35, which I can't afford so then I will probably get charged another £28.

The reason for all of this, the particular bank has still not sorted out my new student account because, and I quote the regional manager 'no-one is a student for more than 6 years and you can't have a student account even if you are a medical student'. It took customer services and a lot of crying to get an account sorted, and if that account had yet been activated then the charge would have only been £25. Would they reverse the charge, would they bollocks.

Irritatingly I'd been in and deposited £40 later in the day so hadn't ever gone overdrawn (the account wouldn't let me). Had this been Lloyds TSB I'd've been charged nothing (they charge £6 per day overdrawn unauthorised. I would've been overdrawn by 3 hours.)

Moral of this story. This bank does not support students.



Unknown said...

Banks are in business only to make money for the share holders and the staff. The customer does not come into it.

Anonymous said...


I bank with the same people, and I sympathise with you totally.

However, I was in a simillar situation recently, and I had my charges reversed because I went in and spoke to a person in the branch. Sometimes, a face to face approach works out way better than the numpties on the phone who read of a script.

Dragonfly said...

Mine in Australia do that. Its called Kicking the Underdog While they are Down. Bustards.

Button Ginger said...

I had an account with the Halifax. HAD, mind you.

They wouldn't extend my overdraft as I had gone overdrawn. I hadn't gone overdrawn but didn't have a bank statement to prove it.

When I went into a branch they refused to extend my overdraft but sold me a loan instead.

Then I received my bank statement PROVING that I hadn't gone overdrawn and went to the bank branch with proof.

They told be to tell it to head office. Who gave me a fax number which I used to detail my complaint and send in the bank statement.

I was then told that I had been given the wrong fax number, they didn't know where I had sent my personal details and could I use another fax number instead?

The upshot of it all was I got the loan reversed, the overdraft extended, no apology or compensation and I moved over to the HSBC as soon as I was able to repay the overdraft.

It looks like Howard has the one brain cell that they share so he can remember the words to those STUPID adverts.

Halifax are cretins.

Dash said...

They just did the same to me....I'm not allowed to be a student for more than 6 years, although I've already been here for 7. There is something dodgy going on and I'm not happy!!