02 February 2009

The weather outside is frightful

I love the snow. It's so so very pretty.

I'm not a massive fan of trying to get to places in it though. Especially not when my mode of transport has two wheels and is pedalled by me.

My street is a quiet cul-de-sac and never gets gritted, so ice skating along my road is quite normal here. Needless to say I shall be walking for that bit.

It does make me laugh though, that the age old rule about an inch of snow and the country goes mad, things stop working etc.... yet i've had three lectures cancelled today so far.


Claire said...

lol! I live in Finland (ex-UK) and have to giggle at the Brits attitude to snow. However admittedly we are geared upto it with winter tyres and enough snow ploughs to go round. I have to say I think you are mad to try and cycle in the snow! people do it here and I still think they are nuts :)

Enjoy the forced break from lectures :D

Jo said...

My little sister is at Royal Holloway - yesterday all the students managed to get in to uni, but none of the lecturers did - they spent their lecture time having a giant snowball fight!