16 February 2007


I'm sorry, Merys is unable to take your message right now as she is currently festering in her pit and trying to ignore the world.

Please consider that Merys has had a shit week on so many levels, and is currently experiencing nausea and dizziness related to ear problems.

She is planning on sticking with medical school until Summer (except in unusual circumstances) and re-evaluating her career then.


Anonymous said...


1 hug
1 bottle red wine
16mg betahistine tds
stemitil PRN

Merys said...

I have the stematil, but do you really think mixing alcohol with it is wise unless you want me to sleep fully through my weekend!

Actually, there's a plan (although I'm not sure a hangover would improve symptoms tomorrow!)

Anonymous said...

Lots of hugs
Lots of chocolate

Don't give up... stick with it hun


Becca said...

Hi, just thought I'd delurk and send some nice thoughts your way. I've enjoyed reading your blog but don't normally feel the need to add to the conversation. But *hugs* seem in order even if we don't know each other in real life. All the best -- Becca, Glasgow.

DundeeMedStudent said...

how bizzare I've just got a comment from you, great minds eh?

I know the felling mate, I'm really considering taking a year out.

But at the moment, I reckon chocolate, wine and hugs are definetly in order.

Scrub said...

I hopw your feeling better soon!
And similarly I hope you don'y decide to quit med...Im sure itll get better! (Well Im not but I thought that positive thinking was in order)!

Calavera said...


You've come this far, so stay!

Actually, that's a pretty shitty reason to stay in medical school... because you've 'come this far.'

But, what I mean is, I'm hoping that things will get better soon.

Keep us updated, and all the best.

HospitalPhoenix said...


Please keep blogging to let us know you're still alive and well, okay?

Prof Scrub said...

Dear depressed student,

In a worldwide study, it was revealed the average man thinks about sex every 30 seconds. The average medical student thinks about quitting and considers leaving medical school every 15 seconds.

The Prof likes to think about sex with medical students on average every 20 seconds.

Prof Scrub