25 February 2007

0630 Sunday Morning

Q. So why was I up at this time this morning?
A. I have a new job.

You see as you may have noticed I've been experiencing some slight frustration lately. I decided to make my part time job as far removed from medical school as was humanly possible.

So today I start working at an outdoor adventure centre. I've done it before and I enjoyed it the last time. Being female helps gain employment in this field, as does being officially first aid trained and having basic people skills.

So today (and any other weekends they need me) I shall be running around in the mud and trees doing stuff that I enjoy and trying not to get too wet.

Merys will always be a tom boy, no matter how smartly she has to dress to see patients.

Mud is not just for facial treatment!

1 comment:

Dr K said...

Hope you've had a good day at work and it helps you de-stress