06 February 2007

My 2nd Blogiversary!

Today has a special significance for me.
It is in fact my 2nd blogiversary, and is therefore longer than most of my relationships.
I'm proud of myself for keeping this going for two years, and it will serve a useful reflective journal in years to come (provided I don't accidentally delete it!)
What would make things even better now would be a new laptop! And yes, this is a shameful promotion for you to all vote for me over at Love to Lead for my article. Call me a sour loser at the moment, but I'm upset the the two (at the time of posting) people beating me have set up a blog solely to win a laptop, and something seems a little amiss with the (currently) winning article. Just read it and trust me!
So I beg you all, please vote for me over at Love to Lead - it would make a wonderful blogiversary present this Friday, and go even better with the domain name I've treated myself too (more details when it goes live!)


Anonymous said...

Come on folks --- Merys definitely has written the best article -- the current leader is just gibberish. Vote for Merys!!

Nurse Sandra May said...

We have had victory! Persistance pays off-

He has been disqualified from this round, and all future ones! Hurrah!

Good luck Merys- If i can do it- you can!

Rhi said...

Hey, I just followed a link from Toms page. Strange thing is, I've just started my first ever blog today (on your blogging anniversary), and I'm also somewhat stuck between becomming a paramedic or doctor.

Well, I say stuck, but I've applied to UCAS to both, so I'm using whoever will have me as my decision maker, which lets me off the hook! You're the first person I've heard of who has also been in this position. Anyhow, this is just a wave hello really as I toddle off to read your page,

Phoenix said...

Happy Bloggiversary Merys!

The Little Medic said...

voted :) well done on 2 yrs blogging! I hope I'll keep mine up for so long

caramaena said...

Happy blogiversary Merys - I voted for you and it looks like you're first now.

Renal said...
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Anonymous said...

Bonne bloggiversaire a toi
Bonne bloggiversaire a toi
Bonne bloggiversaire chere Merys
Bonne bloggiversaire a toi

(to the tune of happy birthday, but "bloggiversary" is too long to scan in the place of "birthday" in the english version!)

Anonymous said...

Congratumalations, dol b√Ęch :)

Cod Caergybi x x x