03 February 2007

On laptops and cycling

Firstly, allow me to justify my reasons for entering the writing competition over at love to lead.
As a medical student, I regularly have to do pieces of assessed work on different areas of medicine. Ethics is my vastly weak one, and entering this competition wouldn't do my ethical writing any harm. I feel quite proud of my piece of writing, and for me that's saying something.

Obviously, I do have a computer. I wouldn't be writing as regularly if I didn't....but if I say I bought it from Tiny before they ceased trading, would that give anyone a hint?

Current computer is struggling desperately, needs a lot of work and money spending on it (which I don't have) and currently won't even play when I try and put the new internal hard drive in (which I've been trying since October).

So basically, I think you should all vote for me (and link to it if you're feeling really nice!) every day until Friday to see if I can win a laptop!

And on the cycling note - the weather is so beautiful today that I'm actually going to go out on my bike for fun and head in the direction of the cycle shop and see if I can't get it fixed! Just don't ask how it got broken....

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