26 February 2007

Dirty Boots

I had a really interesting day yesterday with my new job. I got absolutely covered in mud (and I mean from head to toe) and fell over a couple of times, but still came home with a smile on my face.
I've just had to de-mud my boots, as they aren't fit for bringing into my flat, and I have a huge smelly bin liner full of mud and clothes that has to go in the wash.

I love fresh air and wandering around outside.

Maybe I do need a career change after all.


Phoenix said...

I love mud too!

...and Sonic Youth ;)

Sarah said...

You could stick it out and go for one of those much needed practices in the highlands and islands...

Phoenix said...

Oh shit Merys I never knew you were into that kinky sex stuff! I had you down as a straight-up, slightly sexy girl-next-door type who likes to get covered in mud de temps en temps.

Hang on, maybe the mud thing was a giveaway ;)