21 March 2008

woolly head

Don’t get me wrong, I know where I am, but my head feels more than a little fuzzy.
Self inflicted entirely. All my own fault.

It goes as follows:

Saturday day: work at the outdoor activity centre. Get religiously picked up and dumped on the ground (albeit gently) by the boys. I’ll admit I instigated it by hitting one of them with a stick for sexist comments, but their reasoning on dumping me on the ground? I weigh a lot less now so it’s easier.


Saturday evening: get home caked in mud and leaves. Face and ears covered in black smelly stuff (see above, also caused by boys…). Chase around the house in my underwear trying to get clothing into the washer before a housemate appears. Chatting frantically to other half while trying to removed clothing with one hand in the kitchen. Other half points out that my kitchen window is visible from the main round. I point out that I giveth not a toss. Fail to realise that the house is all mine at the moment and there were no housemates in to dodge. Feel like a pillock. Dance round the house while waiting for the hot water in the shower.

Cook home made beef burgers once showered and dry. Small glass of wine followed by bed for hour and a half. Manage not to fall asleep, which turns out to have been a big mistake.

21.11 leave the house on the bike (in a hoody and jeans. Take note, this is important later…) and cycle into work. Tonight a rave, oh joy.

Finish rave at 02.30 and head out to bike. Discover that the weather is bloody foul and my 6 minute cycle home turns into a 12 minute head wind/rain endurance event.

Get in, throw wet stuff on floor. By the time I’ve reached a horizontal position I’m already asleep.

Sunday: woken up repeatedly through the day by texts and phone calls. One day I really will switch the damn thing off.

Get up at around 13.00 and head for a shower. Spend all afternoon with the other half looking for jewellery making tools. Find some tools but fail to buy a new tool box.

Watch Casualty on iPlayer at his place (doesn’t work on my IP address for some reason) and fall asleep on the sofa under the duvet.

Poked into submission until I finally get up and head back to mine.

Sadly, have to go into work for a nightshift.

Sunday night: Leave house at 18.35 to start at 19.00. Ward from hell, staff quite strange, patients quite demanding. Get shouted at by a 94 year old lady; walk away laughing.

Sometime between then and 0730 this morning I had a 2 hour sleep break, made some more jewellery and did some academic work.

09.00 saw me meeting a lecturer about why I failed an exam. With regards to the exam it seems much clearer now. Shame that the rest of my head hasn’t caught up on the clarity thing.

Currently (14.21) sat at a random train station in the middle of the country listening to Kate Nash on my iPod and trying to stay awake. I don’t know how long it’s likely to last, as my eyes are starting to do funny things.

Have been awake(ish) now for 25.5 hours, and I won’t get to sleep for a while yet….


Sage said...

Have a great easter Merys, relax and chill out if you can... it will all seem so much better from a distance.

Calavera said...

I reccommend a triple espresso!