11 March 2008

A chance to relax

Unlike a lot of my friends, I have a few close friends that I've made at this uni who aren't medics.

Mainly PhD students and part-time lecturers who I've met while working in the bar. I love it, I love the chance to breath and relax and do stupid stuff like play Munchkin, Ocean Trader and Killer Bunnies while drinking nice red wine and generally not feeling on edge.

I love being a medical student, but I don't think it should define my personality in a way it seems to do with some of my friends.

Sure, I'm training to be a doctor, but that doesn't mean I have to limit my friends to those in the same career path.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and breath.

Tonight, I did that.


Kelly Evans said...

Wow! Munchkin is fantastic. Not sure about Killer Bunnies - it never seems to get going...
Will look into Ocean Trader, though :)

Thanks for the tips.

Adam Field said...

I found getting involved in student societies is a good way to meet folks from other degrees. As per the general theme of your blog, after coming to academia after 12 years of working in IT, I used to share the 'drain on society' perspective. Doing my own degree has been an eye opener and i'm putting the world to rights over how little they actually contribute to my degree, one person at a time :)

Keep up the fantastic blog!

Calavera said...

My non-medic friends keep me alive! Every so often, I need to escape from the medics - I totally understand and agree.