24 March 2008

Going back

Tomorrow morning I'm heading back dahn sarf. Not really looking forward to it. A whole run of night shifts this week (Tues, Weds, Thurs, voluntary stuff Fri, shift Sat and Sun) means that not only will I not eat properly, but I'll become an antisocial hermit too.

Sadly in the middle of all of this I have a GP appointment to discuss the fact that we've upped my antidepressant dose due to my having a massive crisis recently and being no longer able to cope with stuff.

Should be fun discussing that in the middle of when I should be sleeping. I might have to try and change the appointment time methinks.

Time to try and get some sleep, the pattern changes this week.

PS: thanks to all the people who suggested Etsy for selling my jewellery. I've seen it before but am scared that my stuff isn't good enough to sell on there. If anyone wants to buy that bracelet off me, make me an offer!

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