05 March 2008

And that was that.

I'm going to give up going on hiatus.

I might as well just hide for a couple of days rather than announcing it across the blogosphere.

The weekend came and went. Home to the parents, catch up on the local news.

Weight loss was pretty good this week. I'm now a whole 14.5lbs lighter than I was at the start, which is good.

Finances are still pretty screwed, but more shifts and less library fines should help with that one.

Personal problems seem to have resolved which is nice, and I think I'm going to keep blogging.

Essentially, apart from being as stressed as hell, I've never been better!


zaphod said...

Please don't give up your blog. I bet you get loads of visitors.

Medically Brunette said...

i support your decision to stand up for yourself. make the complaint!