22 March 2008


This is a bracelet and earrings set I made over a couple of hours. I need some way of selling jewellery I make, but short of eBay (which I haven't had a great deal of sucess with) I'm short of ideas.

If anyone is interested in buying any pieces (proceeds to my education fund) or knows how I can sell them, then please drop me a comment or an email.


Anonymous said...

www.etsy.com - it's a site specifically meant for stuff like this. It's based in the US, but non-US residents can still sell through Etsy, and it works with PayPal.

Anonymous said...

Create a facebook group and add everyone


industrialpoppy said...

Yes...I was going to suggest Etsy as well-it's a very well run site, but more than a little addictive!

DundeeMedStudent said...

hey what metal do you use?
cause I'll have some if it's sterling or titanium.

good luck with the nights this week.