01 August 2007

One of those rare things

I have a day off. And I spent the majority of it in bed reading Harry Potter (as I still haven't had the chance to finish it yet!).
Later today I'm going to head into the shops and see if I can manage to make £10 get me a week's worth of groceries...

...then I'm back at work again tomorrow for a morning of plastic surgery outpatients.

Friday I have a day booked out with an ECP and am hoping to get some more interesting experience through that.. more after Friday.

New house is still minus the internet, so posts will be desperately sporadic I'm afraid!


Jo said...

Haven't finished Harry Potter yet = working too hard! (I haven't read it but that's because I don't have a copy - I'm not allowed to buy any more books until I leave my parents' house!)

Jedda said...

Hi Merys,

I've just read through your blog and I wanted to wish you all the best in your studies.