21 August 2007

In the doghouse

Coming home hasn't gone so well. I'm hiding in the dining room as we speak.

You see, when I was at Download in June I had a piercing done. Nothing sensational, just another lobe piercing. Simple, right?

I recently had another one done through the cartilage at the top. Which would be well and good, if I'd actually got round to telling my parents.

Despite the fact that I'm almost 24 years old, my parents are still very against piercings and tattoos. And despite the fact that it is in fact my body, I'm being made to feel very deceitful.

Ho Hum, guess the tattoo will just have to wait a couple more years..

(and at least they haven't spotted the flesh tunnel I'm growing yet...)


uphilldowndale said...

Piercings I can cope with its tattoos I have an issue with, they may look good on taut young flesh, but what about when you are older?
Think of the crinkled,saggy flesh you see at work and then imagine your dream tattoo on it!!!!

Calavera said...

I'm not one to lecture you on piercings, since I have more than a few myself, BUT...

A FLESH TUNNEL? PLEASE tell me that you're joking! Oh Merys, don't get a flesh tunnel - they're so ugly!!!

Elaine said...

Ah, so I guess she sussed the flesh tunnel ;-)

DundeeMedStudent said...

do what I did and get a tattoo where your parents can't see it. ;)

Anonymous said...

I had a similar problem - got a second set in my lobes and it was like i'd got my tongue piercied or something my mum went a little mad for a few days at me.

It took my cousin getting her ears pierced for me to be allowed mine piercied - she's 2 and a half years younger than me. She was about 11 i think when she got hers done I was nearly 13 i think.#

Which means the nose or lip is probably not going to happen lol