13 August 2007

Feeding time at the zoo

Sometimes I think it would be safer to work at a veterinarian's office or a zoo. At least then it isn't a suprise when the patients scratch, claw, scream/shout and swing at you, nor when they poo, wee, fart, spit or vomit on you.

Last night was a prime example of a seemingly normal night shift (for me anyway!) until it all went a bit wrong.

Between one horridly hallucinating 16 year old boy who had OD'd on goodness knows what and ended up being sat on by 3 security staff and being sedated (it took 2 lots of tablets, lorazepam and haloperidol in the end...) and several elderly patients with dementia, it turned out to be an incredibly noisy night shift.

I now have a splitting headache starting, and ended the shift by being told to F$#k off by a patient, it was a wonderful night....Typical medical assessment unit.

So now I am off to get a bus home and fall into bed... at least until 1.30PM when I apparently have a pain clinic appointment....

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