26 August 2007


Why do dads always have to make bad jokes?
I've been feeling pretty shitty all day today. Not a hangover, before you comment.

I've been having hot and cold spells, muscular and joint pain and generally feeling really run down.

My father, thinking he's being clever, suggested that maybe it was because I'd been sitting in front of the computer, and had 'caught a virus'. Oh how very amusing.

It means that I've either caught something from a patient while I've been at work, or stress has finally caught me up.

I had my resit recently, and unless I pass it, I'm out of medical school. So no stress there or owt. Anyway, it's in the lap of the gods now, and there's nowt I can do to change it. But I guess stressing won't help me. I suppose I could always be the most qualified auxiliary nurse in the hospital. That would be fun....

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Carina said...

hello there! my name is carina. i stumbled onto ur blog and reading ur past entries, u just sound like me. i also wanted to do medicine for a long time but didn't get good a-levels back in 2003. then i did biomedical sciences and graduated with a 2:1 but again (!) no offers. did a mres in neuroscience this year which i hated and am finally off to a medical school!
i never thought that i would find someone who shares a similar story. but i am glad that we both are finally studying what we want to and i am sure u will make a brilliant doctor. exam results don't mean anything, it's how dedicated u r that counts! :)
all the best in ur future and i will keep tune into ur blog for guidance.