25 June 2007


On Friday I outed myself. I confessed to two of my closest and dearest friends about this blog. To be honest, they both knew I had a blog, and Caroline reads Tom Reynolds, so I figured it was safest to confess before being found.

So, since they know ‘may’ read the blog, I promised I would write about them.

I had my final OSCE this week, and since the weather was good I met up with Frankie and Caroline in the park.

The exam hadn’t gone too brilliantly, and I don’t think swearing in one of my stations was the best thing I could have done. Why is it that your brain goes to toffee at the most inopportune moments? How many times have I practiced that particular station? How many other people have I gone through it with? Only to go and balls it up on my own! Never mind.

Anyhow, I phoned Frankie to see where she was, and to be told they were having a picnic in the park.

3 large glasses of wine later and I was fast asleep, face down in the sun dribbling on my own arm. I am truly a classy chick. Bless the ladies though, they decided they didn’t want me to get too burnt and covered me up and left me.

We then decided that the children’s park seemed like a plan, and bounced off in the direction of the swings (well, Caroline and Frankie went on the swings, I preferred the slide!).

A slow mooch back to university, a DVD and some chips, and my first year is over (pending passing everything!).

I can’t believe how fast it’s all gone, and I’m in extreme denial about possibly starting the second year.

I just have the small issues of resubmitting coursework and getting my results!


Sheena said...

Beats having slammed a door in an examiner's face after losing your temper with him.

I am proof that you can still pass your OSCE after a train-wreck station like that one.

Good luck with your results!

The Little Medic said...

3 cheers for having finished first year.
Well done!

Sounds like you know how to relax too, always a bonus.