19 June 2007

On life in general

I've neglected this blog of late. In my defence, I've been in the middle of coursework, being ill and just being plain stressed with impending exams.

I have just the one exam left now, my final end of year HUGE OSCE. AKA the OSCE of DOOM.

Consequently, my procrastination has increased exponentially and my work done has decreased. I've even voluntarily done exercise (swimming and more cycling than normal) to avoid practicing.

I've started to feel a bit better now that the amoxycillin has kicked in, but it does limit my alcohol intake this week (with the end of the year being close....). However, I've agreed to be a 'social co-ordinator' of this week's activities, just to confirm that I can't be drinking alcohol. (There's always one sober person taking photograohs isn't there!)

I can't believe that after this week my first year is officially over. And pending passing everything, I will be one year closer to qualifying as a doctor.

It's really terrifying how fast the year has gone. It's been even more rapid than my MSc year, and I didn't think that was possible.

In the next couple of weeks I will reflect on the year gone past (academically). Hopefully, if anyone out there is coming to medical school this year, it may be of help. Then again, it may be boring as sin! Who knows.

Take care you lot and wish me luck!

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