14 June 2007

OK, now's the time to panic

Right. Let's get things in order.

I have a 'chest infection' and some amoxycillin. Realistically, amoxycillin isn't going to help me by tomorrow's exam paper.

My muscles all hurt. My forearms, calves, shoulders, face and stomach. I appreciate that a few of those are caused by coughing, but some aren't.

My joints hurt. I'm gonna go with stress on this one.

I'm physically and mentally worn out. I went for a 30 minute power nap at 19.30 and woke up 10 minutes ago panicking.

Once I start coughing I can't stop, and am bringing stuff up that's a beautiful colour (the doctor praised my use of the word 'khaki', and said she'd never heard it described that way!).

My notes are all over the place, I can't revise, yet I need to.

I need to take some pain killers as I can't concentrate, yet I'm stuck with paracetamol, as anything else would add to the tiredness.

Oh, and I'm well and truly back on the diet coke.

How the hell am I going to sit 2 exams tomorrow?????


Anonymous said...

Resits my dear, along with a medical certificate to present to the examining board as extenuating circumstances. Best of luck *hugs*

Jo said...

I would definitely go for the medical certificate - don't try to push it all through alone (my brother did that with his Comp Sci exams, and didn't get the certificate - he then had problems when the marks came out too low...)
Good luck with it all - hope you feel better soon!

(not the same Jo as above...!!)