11 June 2007

Bloody aeroplanes...

OK, why did no-one tell me that Donington Park is in the middle of the flight path for East Midlands Airport, and particularly the runway?

Obviously, it took me until Saturday night to realise that earplugs were evidently the only way I was going to get any sleep.

All in all, the festival was amazing, and something I will never forget (in fact, I intend to try and go again next year....)
I managed to see most of the bands I wanted to, got something pierced, only got hit by 4 plastic bottles during My Chemical Romance (and only 1 was full of some ominous brown liquid - hopefully coke...) and generally enjoyed the experience all weekend.

And now, I just feel like I should curl up and die somewhere for a very long time.

Sleep deprivation doesn't really suit me, and I feel like death.

And if I ever hear another painfully low aeroplane across a campsite, I may just swear...

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