03 June 2007

The Joy Of Willpower

Last night was the last student night at the Union before our exams start, and was absolutely packed with medical students from my year.

I thank all the medical students at my Union for desperately trying to make me drink last night. Thankfully I have willpower, since I have an exam at 0900 today for one of my hobbies.

Time to attribute my lack of hangover to sheer determination.

...shame I didn't have the willpower to stay away from the Union full stop though really.


Dash said...

An exam on a Sunday? At 0900? That's just cruel.

MB said...

Belated good luck with the exam Merys, and everyone needs to let their hair down from time to time....except when theres a 9am exam the next day. Lol. Thank goodness for willpower.

H said...

I hope the exam went ok. Good luck with the OCSE this week.