31 May 2007

Sheer amazement

It terrifies me that people now accept that I'm training to be a doctor.
Take today for example...

Standing on the ward going to clerk a patient prior to observing their operation in the morning. All I have to do is mention I'm a medical student and I immediately get shown the notes and where the patient is.

It's like I'm immediately accepted into the realm of health care professionals and expected to know something.... when all I want to do is stand in a corner and watch someone else do it all.

Also, everyone seems to want to ask me questions (and oddly, I seem to know the answers...)

It scares me, it really does.


Beattie said...

Don't be scared! As a patient with a chronic illness, I see medical students on a regular basis, and almost without excepton, have enjoyable and informative consultations.
I have perception (maybe wrong) that a med students are still studying, they are often more 'up' on new developments.
Enjoying the blog.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, at least you know what your talking about. If I get asked something, and even if we may have do it at Uni, I can't remember, I say we havn't done it yet. Seems to get me off the hook!

Dr Andrew Brown said...

You are right to be scared! Doctoring is surreptitiously getting its teeth into you. There is no escape!