10 May 2007

busy busy busy

I never thought I would say this:

But I am really enjoying medical school at the moment. I have been for a few weeks actually...

It seems odd to think just how much I hated it before the Easter break, compared to how mellow and contented I am now.

Uni at the moment is centred around preparation for second year with regards to spending the odd day or two in hospital. Needless to say, I'm enjoying myself immensely, even if the concept of learning to clerk a patient scares the crap out of me....

Never mind, hospital day today so I'd best get polished and tidy and off on the bike!


Anonymous said...

Hi Merys,

I just found your site and really like it. Unfortunately it is kind of hard to read...maybe it is just my computer's graphic's or something, I dunno. But, I will try to read on, because it is so interesting and because I admire you so much for being a medical student, that's fantastic.

Take care, tracy in va bakestuff@hotmail.com

Helen said...
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Helen said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're enjoying med school at the mo. You have my complete respect for your determination to carry on even when it's been tough.

It has been so encouraging to read your archives and see that you also had to make a tough decision about whether to become a paramedic or doctor. I went through a similar decision making process a while back.

In the end I decided that I didn't have a good enough memory to learn the awesome amount of anatomical knowledge you will have accumulated by the end of your degree.

Currently I'm studying a postgraduate diploma in Psychology with a view to something psychologically related in the future.

Right, I'm going to stop procrastinating (sometimes I feel I should study that instead!), I'm off to hit the books.

Take care Merys


Vivdora said...

hooray! Glad it's going well, no farting while clerking!

MB said...

For some reason, my comment didn't post the first time I tried it, so will try again....hopefully it won't duplicate or anything.

Anyways, its good to hear that things are working out for you Merys!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT8Su44TXy8 (judging by your sense of humour I thought you might appreciate this spoof of "Most Haunted" called "Most Farted" - I was crying with laughter the first time I watched it).

Take care,

MB x

ecparamedic said...

Nice to hear you have turned a corner Merys.


Dr Andrew Brown said...

Clerking is scary before you do it (I well remember), but it is the heart of what medicine is about.
You will find that (almost) all patients will be delighted to talk to you and let you practise taking histories. Most people are good people and only too happy to help keen and kind medical students.
Throw yourself into it!

ecparamedic said...


I missed the bit about the bike...... you know that isn't a good idea with your lack of resistance to gravity..