20 May 2007


Wow, I am getting so lax with posting at the moment. Problem is, I've been hellishly busy. We've been advised to spend as much time at the local teaching hospital to gain experience. No other years are there at the moment, so we've been encouraged to go and randomly find doctors/nurses and ask to clerk some patients.
It's been generally enjoyable, but thoroughly exhausting. I also seem to have turned into a 'twinset and pearls' person overnight - wearing comfortable shoes and pop-socks under my trousers (I swear to god, I hated those things last year, but now they seem normal because all the girls seem to be wearing them!)
I've also started to wander around permanently with a notepad and pen (although not my stethoscope yet - since I don't know how to use it!).

The placement's been enjoyable, and I aim to spend tomorrow afternoon there too. I am getting a tad irritable with my peers though. While I mentioned that I'm becoming a frump with my dress, some of my colleagues make me seem desperately conservative. Since when was cleavage and thigh on a chubby bird an attractive feature in a nightclub, never mind on a care of the elderly ward? It actually makes me angry, considering we were told what not to wear.

Maybe I'm just getting officially old...


Anonymous said...

Don't worry - you are getting old, but I'm younger than you and I still wonder what the youth of today are coming to! Although my cousin (four years older than me) had to tell me the other day to act my age - instead of 50. Pah :)

Sarah said...

I thought I'd never wear pop socks. However, there comes a time when it becomes clear that socks are just not work tidy enough and bare feet give you blisters. Mind you, whenever I can I still wear trainers.