28 May 2007

And then you realise you've overdone it...

For some reason my body decided to rebel yesterday. It was rather odd....

Merrily charging around the forest with a team building day, doing outdoorsy stuff when I started feeling a tad unwell.

I know the weather wasn't amazing yesterday, but I was cold. Really cold. Shaking cold. This was especially odd since I was being really active and stomping around and helping people. Also, I was wearing 3 layers of clothing (vest top, polo shirt, hoodie) and an all weather waterproof coat. In fact I was wearing so many layers of clothing I was resembling the Michelin man.

I mooched back in the direction of the office to see the boss to say I wasn't feeling well (and to sneak a cup of tea). Next thing I started feeling dizzy as I was wandering inside, and ended up sat on the floor under the worktops.

Cue me spending the next 30 minutes curled up in a ball under the counter shaking with cold , having a minging headache, wanting to be alone in a dark place and feeling generally retched. By this time I'd also acquired a thinsulate wooly hat and a pair of gloves.

I think my body has just decided I've been overdoing it lately. I did spend all day Saturday on a training day, followed by bar work until late.

Ironically, all the way home in the car I was curled up asleep (obviously not driving!), yet when I got home I couldn't rest.

Tribute to my need to help other people I mooched back into my bar and sat and kept the barman company (playing chess, cards and checkers) until his shift finished at 10.30 last night (the bar was dead and he would have been bored stupid!).

I still feel a little like I've been through the wringer, but I really don't have time to slow down at the moment.

Exams are looming and I have an exam coming up for something I do in my spare time, as well as working every hour sent to try and study.

Roll on the Summer holidays.


Anonymous said...

Merys, you're overdoing it again. (Let me guess, you noticed?) Good luck with the exams, and vive les vacances!!

Anonymous said...

Darn right roll on Summer holidays.
Can't wait. Exams are bloody annoying!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck in your exams Mery's, I'm sure that you will do fine!

MB said...

Good luck with the exams Merys.

And take care of yourself x