26 January 2007

So slowly

Well, even though the diet has strayed for the last few days I've still lost a touch of weight. It's not a case of pigging out, it's a case of being stressed and eating whatever was available at the time, and then not eating anything else all day. This often led to an omelette and chips being the only food I ate in an entire day.

I know this isn't healthy but I've been so chewed up lately I've been chasing my own tail to meet deadlines.

So the new BMI for today is 26.1

Only another half stone to lose to get back to BMI of 25


Anonymous said...

I never have quite understood the dieting thing, possibly because my body does its own thing no matter what.

Unlike most of the population, I tend to lose my appetite when anxious or depressed, so when I come out of a period of grumpiness I'm looking slim and gorgeous.

At the moment I'm pretty stressed, and have to force myself to eat otherwise I get dizzy and start to look gaunt. I've just had an enormous full fat latte and two doorsteps of granary bread with almost an entire jar of jam. My BMI is currently just over 20 so at least I'm in the healthy range

Want to swap?

studentdoctoruk said...

Heya, fellow medical student here, just to say I think its very brave to put all the details of your diet etc online! Braver than me anyway! have been reading your blog for a while and have now decided to start my own, would love some feedback

totallyun-pc said...

and BMI is?

I wish I could get stressed enought to stop eating... but then I think eating helps me through stress too... Jeeez I'm on a hiding to nothing!

Magic said...

I've just found these 'medic' pages, and think they're great - very intelligent, honest and refreshing. Good luck with your studies, and you are certainly not a 'drain on society'. On the important subject of eating/dieting issues, like millions of other people, I've had trouble with this too. After trying countless 'solutions', I've arrived at the conclusion that the most effective one of all is 'over-eaters anonymous'. Just type it into a search engine. It's quite simply the most effective remedy I've found for food/dieting difficulties. I do believe that being as physically active as possible, and being a vegetarian also helps. I read recently that scientists have now confirmed that non-meat eaters do tend to live longer, healthier lives.