30 January 2007

Arse chasing

I think my body's finally gone into full revolt. It's decided that I need to slow down a bit and has therefore decided to be TATT (tired all the time). I'm still losing weight, but only because I'm exchanging sleeping at unusual times for food.

You see, last week was deadline week. I pushed myself to the limits in order to meet deadlines that I had (surprisingly) left until the last minute. I don't think this went down well with the little people in my head.

When I should have been resting this weekend, I went on a course and agreed to help someone set some equipment up. I'm just far too nice for my own good. And it hasn't stopped yet....

I have, yet again taken on too much:
  • I've agreed to give a talk to a group next week, which means I have a powerpoint to write before then.
  • I've got a whole load of anatomy to learn this week
  • I stupidly signed up for an extra clinical session
  • I have a physiology assignment to do
  • And at some point in the future I shall be starting on a 10 week course.
  • I've got to fit a job interview in somewhere too....
I've never really suffered with headaches (aside from the occasional contraceptive related migraine) but I've been plagued with them since Friday. My head feels like it's in a vice.

As I mentioned above, I'm sleeping funny hours. I've started getting in from uni and having a couple of hours sleep, waking up around 8pm. This is fine, but then means I can't be bothered to cook so I have a snack and do some work, before crawling into bed properly at some point after 12.

While tonight I could really do with hitting the books followed by bed, I've got a meeting to attend at 7.30 and have promised to help some mates at the pub quiz later.

Something's gonna break soon. Probably my one remaining nerve.


nicenurse said...

Oooooh!! I know you know already, but easy gal!! If your body is sending you a message, have a listen to what it's trying to say. Don't want to sound like your dad, but the emotional aspect of healthcare can act as a a catalyst for stress, focussing it beyond normal responses to such pressures.

Lecture over, but take it easy,

Nicenurse x

John Robertson said...

"aside from the occasional contraceptive related migraine"

You're not supposed to put them on your head...

Jo said...

Perhaps one of the reasons why you're tired all the time is because you're not getting enough to eat! It certainly has that effect on me. Take care girl, and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. And chocolate (it's a fruit, it's cholesterol neutral, it contains iron, and theobromine which boosts serotonin, and there's not even too much fat if you have dark chocolate in sensible quantities!)

Anonymous said...

Been there!

You have to learn to say no sometimes...

or face burn out!

Give yourself some downtime (however small - just go for a walk in the park).


Calavera said...

I agree with the above - it seems like you're working waaay too hard!

Relax a little and eat well, otherwise you'll end up getting ill and doing none of the stuff that you're supposed to do this week!

Oh, and I know what you mean by being too nice... I'm kinda like that too. Sometimes I need to learn how to just say no. (Not to drugs, d'oh, to helping others out all the time!)

Take care Merys!