06 January 2007

"I can't talk now, I'm on a train!"

Well, as the title suggests, I'm writing this while sat on one of the many trains on the way back to university for the new year. I would blog this while I was actually on the train, but I refuse to pay £2.95 for half an hour of the 'excellent' wireless connection that the train provides.

I'd never really noticed just how many trains provide laptop sockets now, but am I ever glad that they do. When I change on to my next train I will be fishing out a DVD and vanishing into a film somewhere. Possibly, the excellent Nightwatch (Russian with subtitles - definite science fiction horror.) which I'm having to watch again, as I didn't follow it enough the first time.

I intend whole heartedly to sit on the next train (which is 2 hours) and stuff myself with chocolates because I have PMT and stomach cramps and veg. I don't care how many dirty looks I get for consuming so much chocolate, but I do care if I get chocolate in the keyboard.

I don't usually mind train journeys, but today I am carrying too much luggage to make for a comfortable journey. I have a suitcase, a laptop, a huge rucksack and a carrier bag with everything I couldn't fit anywhere else. I'm also wearing a long winter coat and 2 fleeces, as I couldn't get any of them in my bags.

I would love to just drift off to sleep, as I'm more exhausted returning to uni than I was upon leaving it in December. But Tesco.com are delivering me some shopping later today so that I can survive until I can get to the supermarket.

I very much doubt there will be anyone else in my flat when I return, as they're on reading week at the moment, and I'm going to be the first one back. As I was the first one to leave, I dread to think what state the kitchen will be in when I return... My first task is to wash the teatowels that have been festering in a corner since September. The problem is that we all have them, and we all use each others...but no-one ever washes them. Which is kind of gross. I'd started leaving dishes to air dry, as it was vastly more hygienic..but that prompted other (lazy) people to use my stuff as it was clean and on public display. I'm going to cap all of that by washing the tea towels and keeping mine in my cupboard away from lazy housemates. We'll see how long it actually lasts for.
When I get back I also have a lot of ironing to do. Sales shopping this week meant that I bought an awful lot of new clothes, but many of which were extremely creased. Particularly clothes bought from the Next sale. But I can cope - I actually like ironing.

I think I may also have to tidy up in order to find a home for all of my next christmas presents. Ah, such a chore.

New Year's Resolutions

• I WILL lose at least a stone. And I mean that. I will post a progress report on here weekly and it will come off.
• I will try and stop moaning about this place. I promise I will TRY. I'm not promising I will succeed.
• I will cycle more and not fall off. I will also wear my helmet more often to prevent brain leakage onto the things I hit.
• I will update Twitter every day, whether I have anything exciting to say or not
• And I will be a good blogger...... (draw your own conclusions!)

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