19 January 2007

Apparent Intelligence

Despite today's appalling weather I am obviously a complete idiot (or getting better at cycling).
I rather foolishly cycled 2 miles in the wind and rain along the main road.
And didn't have an accident (but I did have to dismount for a huge puddle and walk along the grass).

Although on the way home, I was a tad more sensible (the wind was stronger) and decided to walk my bike home.
2 miles.
In strong wind and rain.
While wearing heels.
And carrying a dainty handbag.

I don't know which was more stupid actually!


The Angry Medic said...

Aww, poor thing. The weather WAS bad, wasn't it? You must not be so far fro Cambridge after all.

And hey, you were more sensible than me, who walked the 10km to lectures today with an umbrella. Which, of course, got blown away/inverted about 15 times. Right in front of about 2 busloads of Japanese tourists who all found it immensely entertaining.

Ah, great days.

Iain MacBain - or maybe not!!?? said...

I think I would of liked to see that.

Nurse Sandra May said...

The weather was very bad done my part of the country too- I feared for my life (ok, exaggerating now). I was scared tho.

Anonymous said...


I discussed this with MrsNurse and provided the handbag matched your shoes, she feels this is perfectly normal!!

Of course you should take measures to protect your hair,

Nicenurse x

Anonymous said...

I walked about a mile to the supermarket with my Mum, and a mile back. We held on to each other all the way, on the basis that between us we're about 100kg and thus possibly heavy enough not to be blown away. We saw an uprooted tree in another part of the city yesterday though! Big tree too.

And yes, you're quite mad. Cycling in heels? Cycling in that wind?