05 January 2007

Review of 2006 - July to September

July meant dissertation in and bound, viva and the final results of my masters degree. I found out that I'd passed an exam I'd been waiting on results of (due to the lecturers strike), meaning that I'd passed every exam I'd taken on my MSc (better than I did on my BSc - and with higher marks). It all depended on my ability to write a few thousand words and perform well at my oral exam (viva).

The book went in and I was a free woman for 2 weeks. I went home, and I helped with a conference back at university (for babysitting around sixty 17 year olds who were staying in the halls of residence.) earning myself a very easy £300.

The viva could have gone better, as I was examined by a senior expert in the subject I had done my research. This was all going to be fine until he opened my book and I saw all of the pencil marks across the pages. I also managed to misquote him verbally from a paper I'd referenced in my research. Oops!
July also gave us results day for MSc and I did less crying than I anticipated. I think I always wanted to pass and go on and do medicine, but when it actually came down to receiving the results (meaning that I'd made my conditions) I felt a kind of numb. After phoning my family, the next people I phoned were Lennie and Renal while sitting on the wall outside the lecture theatre in the rain. I used over £15 of calling credit on texts and phone calls that day, and still came home sober at 2AM. Sadly everyone who'd come out with me came home drunk as a skunk, but I had a prior arrangement the following day.
It took until September to sink in....
In July I also took the official HSE First Aid at Work course and became a 'qualified first aider' (although I nearly failed the assessment, so I wouldn't advise having an accident near me).
July also meant back to the homeland, the family and the chav infested leisure centre.
August gave more work and the official confirmation of my medical school place through UCAS.
I had plenty of opportunities to practice my new found first aid skills at work, as many small children seem to have accidents while I'm around.
No holiday for me this year - I'm too skint.
September brought the start of medical school and relocation to a new place. It took until this point for it to settle in. Freshers week was fun, for what I can remember of it. And yes, I did mingle with the 18 year olds.
The start of learning new skills on a more practical based course has been fun so far and September started with re-learning BLS (basic life support) for hospital based work.


Prof Scrub said...

Dear first aider,

Why is it children always havde an accident near you?

Your curious,
Prof Scrub

Faith Walker said...

Merys should consider herself lucky- when I'm around, everyone has accidents (although im pretty accident prone myself!)

Luckily, nobody on my ward has died yet.

I dread the day when I'm qualified to keep them alive (sort of).

ecparamedic said...

Hi Merys,

From reading this and chatting to you last night the answer is clear..... you are a Jonah and should be kept away from sharp objects, mechanisms of all sorts and hard surfaces! ;-)