02 August 2005

this is a bad day, please don't take my picture

well, i've been rejected from Paramedic School. I had applied to do a degree in it, and it seems that they don't want poor old Merys.
I dunno, I still need to hear if the other med school has taken me, but they won't tell me until the A Level results come out.
Damn you college kids


Anonymous said...

Oh no - poor you! I found out yesterday that I've not got the place for an MA that I really wanted... that makes two of us...


Barbados Butterfly said...

Consolations and commiserations, Merys. I shall keep my fingers crossed that you have good news soon. You sound incredibly dedicated and committed which counts for a lot! I don't know the British system well but I wish you all the best in finding one of the many paths that you can take to your desired destination. Smiles and hugs, Barbados Butterfly.