12 August 2005


It's been an interesting week.

I should start by complementing XScape at Castleford for a damn good day this week. I turned up, avec friend who can snowboard and ski (some people have just too much time on their hands), while I have the enviable skill of being able to fall over without moving.
Needless to say, I have never tried skiing, snowboarding or tabogganning, but fancied a go.
Despite warnings that skiing is far easier than boarding, I'm a woman and have to find these things out for myself. So I arrived and begged them to let me have a lesson, so I handed my £26 over and went and killed some time until lesson time came. It's fair to say I went to the toilet far more than was necessary prior to the lesson, but I don't think I've ever laughed so much in all my life. I'd managed to get a lesson on my own, which was probably a very good thing for everyone concerned.
I've passed my level one learner now, although I think the L Plates are still necessary for the time being ( or a helmet in my case ), and I hope to go back sometime soon, lessons come highly reccommended from Merys, and the instructors are quite cute too - even if they do laugh at me falling on my arse. *
This week I've also sampled two films at the cinema, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is worth more of a visit than the Fantastic Four, although the latter does warrant a popcorn visit.

On a separate note, the NHS job is still ticking away in the background, as well as my leisure centre job (I'm managerial don't you know!!!)

Time to leave now, as domestic duties warrant my attention.

* Merys now has a bruised left butt cheek, as well as pulled muscles in her neck and sore fingers (no idea how that happened actually!!)

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