16 August 2005

2 days until judgement day

Well, the A Level results are out in 2 days, and the papers today suggested that A grades are up by 23%, which is not what I really want to hear at the moment.
I'm sorry if you're currently awaiting your A2 results, particularly if you want to study medicine, but I am hoping that lots of people who applied to my choice have dropped their grades. I know you'll hate me for saying this, but in the long run you will appreciate life more and be a less conceited med student. Trust me on this one - post grad med students are much nice, rounded people, and much less likely to drop out of the course once they have started it.
Fortunately, I've been on work experience today, and am going again tomorrow. The idea being that my mind will be so preoccupied with what I'm doing that I won't have time to think about it. Unfortunately the name of where I want to go keeps unexpectedly coming into conversation with staff I'm shadowing - which is odd since I haven't said anything.... I'm hoping its a good omen.
Everyone cross everything for me... I phone up on Thursday morning at 9AM.
T minus 36 hours and counting.