21 August 2005


I know you've heard me whinge before, but I don't think I can stand the tension and the pressure. I still haven't heard from THAT university if i've got a place for medicine. Apparently it's tomorrow, but they have been saying that since last wednesday when I was on work experience. (great fun, I will post about it later).
If I ring them however, I get a grumpy woman who tells me that, as she has previously explained, she can't tell me yet. All I can hope is that they're whittling down the chaff as I speak, and that there will be a place for me in the end. The problem is, that I've been accepted to a masters degree, and it starts in about 9 days.
Also, there's the fact that I think my heart lies not in education, but in the healthcare environment, either as a paramedic or a doctor. I don't think nursing is my forte unfortunately.

The stress is taking its toll though - my IBS has flared slightly and i keep feeling really weak and dizzy. Probably because I'm not eating because nothing is staying in me long enough.
This sucks.
I can't cope


clair said...


Breathe in...Breathe out...

Barbados Butterfly said...

Good luck Merys, hang in there...

manpreet said...

Poor thing. Erm I know this isn't going to do much, but just a message of support and hugs. and bloody impatience for an update