29 August 2005

A series of unfortunate events....

Well, as I said before, its been a strange time for me recently. It's been a period of upheaval again, and I've found myself in the middle of many arguments.

I think that possibly the best way for me to catalogue my actions is to start from June to work forwards to the present. Since I'm currently on a 2 hour train journey back to Uni, and have unearthed my old palm pilot, now would seem an appropriate time to do it.

When I returned home from university this summer, I had been lucky enough to secure myself a relief job within the NHS, mainly doing cover work for holidays and sickness. The idea was that this could count as work experience, as well as earning me some much needed money.
The money wasn't quite as good as I'd expected, but any money is better than none, especially when I had only been home 3 days before starting work.
The job started stunningly, with my working over 40 hours in my first week, but as is the nature of relief work, it came in fits and starts. The second week I was there I was only busy for 10 hours, and as such, only paid for 10 hours. This wasn't going to help with tuition fees at all. It had its humourous parts, including splitting my fetching NHS issue trousers, and falling over a wheelchair.

With the general relief work, sometimes I didn't get any shifts at all, and I was forced to seek a secondary job to get more money. I know that this sounds greedy, but I have no money and owe a lot....

I managed to (again) virtually walk straight into managerial position at a local leisure centre, where I was tasked to focus specifically on the non-sports side. I was responsible for the 'play-boat' (soft children's play area), children's parties, food areas, bar and reception. As a matter of point, the locals in my area are not to friendly when you tell them, as the bar manager, that it's time to leave as it's 11.25 pm and I'm taking their drinks. It's not as if I hadn't asked them 3 times. Nevertheless, I came the closest yet to getting my head knocked off my shoulders. Ne'er mind. Thank god for fast reflexes and having been a bouncer.

Unsuprisingly I was paid more for my leisure centre work than the NHS work, but the hospital job had one huge benefit, which I will explain in a short while.
The managerial job was fun but came with stress and shit, unlike the hospital job. I became a little too loyal to the leisure centre, and when shift rotas weren't done in time, I ended up missing out on hospital shifts too.

Ne'er mind eh?? You learn from your mistakes, and I've made enough to write a book on. I earned a reputation of being an honorary blonde this summer, and it was probably much deserved.

More later when I've got back to halls and unpacked.

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