22 July 2005

sheer frustration

I guess I'm just having a moan yet again, but I've been getting more and more frustrated by people who try to blow up my country. I am, however going to refrain from comments regarding race and religion, as I have my opinions, but this is not the arena for me to air them in.

On a seperate matter, I've got a second job now as well as at the hospital. It's just at a leisure centre, but I've got a supervisors job due to prior experience and the variety of previous jobs I've had. The problem now is finding time to sleep and eat, but at least I can only whinge about that (and the fact that I'm being taxed 22% due to having two jobs [*sob*]).

I've also recently decided to try and get into a paramedic practice / science course at one of the 4 places that does it. But bloody hell, the physical assessment is hard, and I consider myself relatively fit. In fact I started back at the gym today in order to get ready for (hopefully) getting to the interview stage.
I still might do a masters, but hopefully the other med school will still take me, as they are allegedly still thinking about it.

Please leave me a message if you're popping by, i'm getting concerned that no-one is reading this anymore.



manpreet said...

Erm just some re-assurance that at least one person is still reading (and enjoying) this. And wishing good luck with entry to medicine course.

Ben said...

At least two.

Although, I'm trying to remember how I got here, and I'm getting nothin'.

Chick said...

I'm still reading!

clair said...


A message is dropped.