14 July 2005


Well, i'm sunburnt. Not a good thing I know, but the pasty white look needs to vanish in favour of some much needed vitamin D synthesis. It's not that I want skin cancer, but I am really pale. In fact some parts of me strongly resemble grey.

How did I let it happen, I blame the great yorkshire show, where I scaled the climbing wall, albeit slightly unsuccessfully. I absolutely love climbing, its such a thrill kick, with little danger. The thing that annoys me is my joint pain. It inevitably decides to hurt when i'm half wall up a sheer face, and then makes it rather awkward to abseil back down. I know it sounds like i'm whinging, but i'm very very active, yet people who do little exercise get off scot free. It's just the little things, like my ring finger on my left hand locking straight when i'm trying to grasp a hand-hold. It makes me feel a fool when someone has to scale the wall beside me and help me down. I feel like i'm making excuses! Never mind. The yorkshire show was otherwise absolutely awesome, and it's nice to be able to be proud of my countryside roots without feeling ashamed. At least there my accent will never have the piss taken for it.

I suppose despite my joint problems, I should be thankful that I can get out of bed and walk every day (though sometimes not painfree!!) and enjoy my life. At least I don't have cancer or some other nasty disease like ME or MS. I guess I am thankful, even if I do whinge. Well, I should be allowed one vice at least. I don't smoke, take drugs or drink (much). Does driving like a rally driver count as a vice???

On the other hand, my driving could soon be challenged, as well as my fitness levels. More soon.....

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