02 June 2005

Full House!

While I am partaking in the extreme sport that is hair colouring without a patch test, I thought I would fill you in on the latest craze to hit the halls.
A friend recently told me of an event that used to take place in university halls in Scotland. It seems to have hit my halls too.
The game is halls bingo, best played in a quadrangle hall (the halls have a large square in the middle, often grassed or concreted, with 4 walls and/ or archways around etc. Get the drift??) like mine.

The aim: get a line, or even better, a full house.
The time: nay time post 3AM, when normal people are sleeping
The task: stand in the centre of the quadrangle, usually drunk, and quite simply go nuts. Wait until lights start to go on along a side of the quad, and when you get a line, congrats. First to a line wins a pint bought by their friends, and the pride that they have intentionally pissed off at least 8 people. A full house usually requires a lot more effort, and has yet to be achieved here.
Personally, i refuse to turn my light on, rather to call security.

Words cannot describe how much I hate them at the moment.

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