23 June 2005

icky sticky

work trousers are fixed but nasty in the hot weather. They seem to give you a nasty perspiration patch when you've been sitting down for a while. And, they seem to be ideal for the winter, as the waistband seems to be intended to fit around your nipples! They're a bit uncomfortable, but here's hoping the weather cools off a bit huh?

Work is getting more enjoyable, although the early mornings and evenings are killing me, and i don't think any of the patients have noticed that i disappear for 4 hours in the middle, as I keep getting complimented on my stamina for a young person!

Speaking of patients, because they aren't moving around a lot, they seem to be a little cold sometimes, and keep shutting all the windows in work, so its even warmer for all the staff. I have to chuckle at them sometimes!

Good news about Andy in the tennis huh?


kinkyrhombus said...

yay for andy!

yay for picking your blog template without realizing it!

Merys said...

hang on a minute, you're american, do you even know who andy is??