20 June 2005


I hate summer. It's too hot and my hayfever has gone nuts. The dog hates thunderstorms and the NHS trousers (now repaired) are sticky and sweaty. Yet tomorrow morning i'm gonna crawl from bed and into work for 7.30 AM(!!!!)
I don't think i've ever started work that early in my life before, and it scares me that i'm gonna be the first out of the house in the morning!!

On a seperate note, Wimbledon has started - Yay!!
On the down side - Indianapolis Grand Prix, what a waste of time, it was boring to watch, yet the fans were disgraceful throwing bottles and cans at the drivers!!
Bye for now

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Manda said...

It's so true! Such an ungodly hour to consider getting out of bed let alone starting work! Booooo!