17 June 2005

countryside life

It's so peaceful here at the moment. I've got my window open and all i can hear is bird song, and the occasional lawn mower. It makes such a refreshing change.

First night at work was last night, and it went ok. The money isn't stunning, and it's split shifts of mornings and evenings with 4 hours gap in the middle. I need to find something in town that fills those 4 hours so I don't have to drive home again.
Driving is nice too. I couldn't afford the insurance to have my car at uni, (yes, my car) but country roads are exciting to drive, I don't think I could ever drive in the city. When I sat my driving test the first time (and failed), the most exciting thing I came across was a flock of sheep and a shepherd.
Bye for now, work calls later


Anonymous said...

have a good weekend, Merys

Anonymous said...

hav fun MERYS!!!!!!!!!!!
xox :)