15 June 2005


Thank you to anyone who has left me a message, especially the anonymous person who gave advice on a Masters degree. I've asked for a post grad prospectus from my current university, and am in the process of booking appointments with the med school admissions tutors regarding my current application. I'm going to see if I can beg my way into medicine anyway, as I am just about to start some more work experience.

Speaking of which, I start a new job tomorrow in a hospital. It's not brain surgery or anything stunning, but it's paid, it's in the NHS and it keeps me from laying in bed all day. Added to which, it might just class itself as work experience, and let's face it - it won't do any harm!


Manda said...

Volunteer Work Abroad! Take a year or two abroad. Well I guess that's what I would do in your position. There's heaps of people who in Vietnam, Cambodia etc that you can go and work with and help. Might give you new sense of direction. I think the new job will open another door for you too. Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

Hey Merys, glad my thoughts helped. Good luck with the job - what will you be doing?
I agree totally with what Scout has said, maybe volunteering somewhere, doesn't have to be abroad, will give you that little push you think you need. You know all the answers are inside you, you just have to know where to look - that's the hard part! And please accept my belated congratulations for your degree.

Manda said...

Aaarrgghh just got word back from the department of education in NSW. I applied to my graduate diploma of education so I can be a high school English drama teacher... I'm two subjects short!!!! Which looks like it will take me another 6 months to complete, which puts my dip ed back for a whole year...booooooo!

Merys said...

hard luck Scout, just keep going at it, you'll get there in the end!