28 May 2005

absence of mine

I apologise for the lack of blogging at the moment, but my life doesn't seem to have much direction at the moment. Due to lack of academic committments, I don't seem to have a great deal to blog about.
I had a hospital appointment this week about my joints, but to no avail. I've been told to come off the NSAID, but I am struggling without them at the moment. I'm gonna bear with it for the time being, but I can't see it being a long term thing. I was a bit offended by the attitude of the registrar though, as I could overhear the entire conversation about me outside the consulting room, and it was rather derogatory to be honest. When he entered the room, his first question was whether I had tried paracetamol. This almost doesn't warant an answer. If paracetamol worked, I wouldn't need a hospital referal would I?? Grr. But enough about that....

... I took another visit to Liverpool today to see Jamie, a friend from College. I didn't fully appreciate the football match that was won this week until I got up to scouse land. Flags, banners and football shirts everywhere. I didn't even know the match was on on Wednesday, never mind watch it. Wednesdays for me mean Desperate Housewives!! Anyway, it was nice to get away from my flat, and into another part of the north west. Liverpool seems a nice city, albeit full of tracksuits and very busy. I didn't get much shopping done, Jamie isn't a 'shopping' kinda guy, but we had a nice lunch in the region of Mathew Street (we went to Wetherspoons!), and I managed to take some photographs of the big funnel shaped cathedral and the radio station up the tower. Seems nauseating to think of working up there!! I wish I'd had more time in the city itself, as I'd love to know what the big yellow boat/truck thing I saw near the cathedral was. Any ideas, please let me know!

Work was quiet last night, many students have thankfully buggered off home now, but a few locals around which makes life fun. They all seem to be scared off by the students in the year. lol

Big Radio Station thing Posted by Hello

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Merys said...

i know what the yellow submarine looks like, but I thought that was a permanent fixture, this thing was moving. On wheels

Sarah said...

I think the Magical Mystery Tour Bus is a big yellow thing. Was it full of tourists?

That Super lamb banana thing. It's just awful. Amusing but awful none the less.

Merys said...

didn't look much like a bus, it looked like a yellow boat with wheels, and it did have people in it though. Still puzzled

Maggie said...

HI there, I think it might be the Yellow Duck Marine:

Despite living in Liverpool I haven't been on it, but it looks kinda fun!

Merys said...

that's it, that's the badger. Yellow duck marine, wow