15 May 2005


Random Question of the day:

Does anybody know anywhere online, in the UK that sells reams of paper, preferably cheap, preferably free delivery, so that one poor student does not have to leave her room and be distracted by shops.
I've spent that last 2 years with the same box of paper, barely getting through a ream a year. This year i've managed to eat 6 reams of paper.
Poor Rainforests.

2 more papers to go!!


Anonymous said...

Tesco value paper is just the job - every piece of work for the past 2 years has been submitted on it, with no problems. Just order some with your weekly shop online!! Good luck with the rest of your exams...

Merys said...

I've tried, and they don't seem to do the paper with the online shopping. But, crisis over, ASDA smartprice paper, £1.95 a ream. Job's a good un