21 May 2005

Lack of sleep

I forgot to mention how the world seems to be against me getting any sleep:
I got to bed at around 1.30AM with the intention of getting up, well, now! (I have a major event to attend down south!)
Around 2.30 somebody was banging urgently on my door. Since I'm not on duty, I don't actually have to answer hammers, but they were still standing there, so I leapt out of bed and dragged my arse to the door. I was greeted by 4 moronic twits asking me if there were any parties going on tonight, none of them a student in my hall, and hammering on every door on the way down the corridor. By the time I'd put my robe on, they'd long gone and I couldn't be bothered searching for them.
Next, I'm woken up again about 15 minutes later by loud clattering on my floor, so I went out to find no-one there, but steam pouring out of one of the lower floor kitchen windows. When I went down, someone had forgotten to put the lid on the kettle (or was trying to set the fire alarm off intentionally) so I unplugged the kettle and then yelled at another load of students in the corridor above for playing football. I appreciate they've finished their exams, but not everyone has, and many are still trying to study. 25% of students are still to sit papers here, so I figure they should be granted the same privileges as the early finishers.
By the time I get back to sleep again it's 3.45, and I was due up at 4.45. I nicely got back to sleep to be woken, yet again at 4.20 by a riveting football match on the grass outside. I've given up now.
With any luck, and trying to avoid any pranksters, I should be able to get to sleep on the bus. It's gonna be a very long day, taxi booked for 6.10AM
PS, and lets not forget at some point among all of this that my landline decided to call me and let me know all of my old answering machine messages from 9th May onwards. Nice.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I remember what my halls were like in my first year at UCL. Fun a lot of the time, but damn irritating. Anyway I presume like me you'll be finished soon so just try and soldier on. ;)

Merys said...

I am finished Luke, but I have a responsibility to my first years, so I have to stay. Bummer