21 May 2005

Bar culture

Do you ever have nights when you think that no-one wants you to get any sleep??

It's been an interesting night really, I'm sure I've mentioned that i work in a bar that is highly frequented by first year students due to its proximity to the halls of residence. Well, for most faculties, today marks the end of first year exams, and thus a cause of high celebration.
I think that't the busiest night I've ever worked since fresher's week. We were roughly 5 deep at the bar, with a behind-bar temperature of around 30 degrees C (we have a thermometer, so I know)

Tonight seems to have been cocktail night, and I thought I would test the knowledge of anyone reading to see if you know what the following drinks are:
1) Shrek
2) Diesel
3) Steamboat
3) Cheeky Vimto
4) Black and Tan
5) Golden
6) Snakebite and Black

Extra kudos for anyone who knows them all, please post in comments section!


Anonymous said...

Snakebite and Black is known as purple at warwick, and is absolutely foul.

I've heard of cheeky vimto, but can't remember what's in it. (WKD?)

Merys said...

Yeah, I seem to think it's known as a pint of nasty at Lufbra, but I was too drunk to remember. Can you tell me what's in it though Clair???

Sarah said...

If I remember rightly snakebite is lager and cider, so snakebite and black is lager and cider with blackcurrant cordial.

A fairly foul concoction.

Merys said...

well done Sarah!

Anonymous said...

4) Black and Tan
stout (usually Macersons) & Bitter

5) Golden
bitter & Lager (1/2 and 1/2)

Merys said...

well done