12 May 2005

Conducive to study

I think it's fair to say that buying ER season 2 perhaps wasn't the wisest thing to do before the end of my exams. To be fair though, living in halls isn't particularly useful all the time. Last night I had to deal with a female student who had slipped down the stairs at 2.30AM and had a suspected buggered ankle. Cue them calling an ambulance and all the paper work I had to do. I know I shouldn't complain, it's my job after all. Call me selfish, but if you're gonna fall down the stairs, you would think doing it at a reasonable time like 10.30pm would be nicer. Also, it would be appreciated if you didn't smell like you'd drank an entire brewery before attempting to fly. I don't know, students today. For some reason, the smell of beer and booze on a man doesn't bother me, but it really isn't nice on a woman!
Ok, back to the books.
Currently studying - NRTIs and their treatment of HIV
Listening to - Tenacious D: Karate (on headphones of course, wouldn't want to disturb any first years!)


Anonymous said...

Why? The first years wouldn't give two hoots about disturbing you.

Merys said...

tell me about it

CMD said...

And the first years wouldn't give a hoot if you disturbed them either.

Merys said...

CMD, I wouldn't bet on that. They're the first ones to suggest that I have woken them up when I get back from town, even though I wasn't even in the building at the time. They whinge like you wouldn't believe! I've found myself justifying myself to my students that I wasn't even in that night - without trying to let them know that I have a personal life!