05 April 2005


Well, due to an extensive day of revision, I'm actually going to bed with very little study to do before sleeping. I've been in the library for several hours today, and I've had my chemistry tutor round, and done 2 hours of that as well.
The problem comes when I try to go to sleep at a reasonable time (i.e. before midnight), and I find myself wide awake and watching late night television, which is often quite dull. It comes as a direct result of a University lifestyle, whereby I don't often get into the flat until nearly midnight due to having a bar job. This isn't usually a big problem for me, as I start studying when I get in, because its meant to be the quietest time of the day in halls - ah, the 11 o'clock rule!
The only problem I think I'm going to find will be when I go back to uni, as I've now started taking Amitriptyline for my neck, and I can sleep for an eternity now! Usually, starting around 10PM. This could seriously affect my bar work, but it's not like you need to even be awake to work in my bar!
OMG!! They killed Will Curtis (see, I even have time for TV at the moment, just enough time for SuperNanny, and I may even me awake in time to see No Angels, if I'm lucky!)

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