24 April 2005

plink plink fizz

No, the title isn't a reference to a hangover, well certainly not a hangover i'm having, but rather someone else's hangover. I was barmaid at a wedding last night, and there'll be some shockers today, most are deserved.
Why do people treat bar staff like shite? Particularly at a wedding, or the like, when they think they have earned the priviledge to talk to you like dirt, because they've booked a room??? I don't take it from my regulars, and I won't take it from someone who's probably never gonna drink there again anyway. It really riles me that customers do this, along with smoking at the bar; now that's a surefire way of never getting served - ever.
It's nigh on killed me today, on such a beautiful day, to be sitting inside and studying. There's a little bit of grass outside my window, and everyone in the world seems to have been sunbathing.

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Manda said...

Aaaarrgghh. Wedding guests can be terrible hey. I was serving a table at a wedding once and this old man seriously put his arm around me an dropped it down until he was touching my butt. Not impressed and certainly let him know about it. It was so degrading and embarassing and I did NOT go back to the table.
I always feel like I lose the next day too after working all night. The late nights can be a killer. Ooh sorry this is turning into an essay, just thought I'd sympathise with you as a fellow uni student putting up with drunken wedding guests.
(And cheers to helping them with their hangover the next day!)