20 April 2005

Intermittancy and the general election

Hey, its that first momentous occasion in life, the first General Election I am eligible to vote in. I mean I've done the local election vote thing, and I did it by Proxy, with my father doing the actual deed, and this time i've elected to go postal, as I wish to vote in my area. One thing's for certain, I won't be voting labour, and you'd be hard pushed to find any students who would, particularly those, like me, who are considering further study. A friend just sent me an instant message telling me that Sky news were taking an alternate view on Tony Blair, and instead of showing all the polished-teeth smiling, they were showing the students protesting at him. I haven't actually checked this story out myself, as I haven't had the chance yet, but it's about time someone showed the world how much students do actually care about important matters like money and welfare, and not just about beer and sex.

This blog is probably going to be very intermittent over the next 4 weeks, as i'm nearing the end of my degree, and have a lot of work to do these days. Sorry, but i can still be reached over email, and I will be checking the comments section occasionally.

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Anonymous said...

I am also registered to vote by post. (I'm assuming that's what you meant, not that you want to go on a killing spree.) Partly because I'll be soon leving the fine city of my university, and secondly because It seems as though my vote would be more valuble there. (Smaller margin between the current leaders and my party, and the fact that the leaders there are one of my least faviourate parties.) Oddly enough the party I'm voting for seems desperate to get me to vote here, despite the current leaders being 20pts ahead.